Month: December 2022

What Do Real Estate Agents Do?

Newly listed home in Salt Lake City

Real Estate Agents are the people behind the scenes making your dream of home ownership come true. Their job might seem simple on the surface, but it is anything but.

In short, real estate agents help people buy and sell homes. In most cases, a seller will hire a listing agent, and the buyer will hire a buyer’s agent.

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How to Stage Your Home for Sale and Help It Put On A Show

staged bedroom in a home for sale

When it is time to sell your home, it is also time to neutralize (but we’re sure the green sofa was just made for your new home).

Professional stagers are trained to create stylish spaces using neutral colors in an open environment free of personal treasures. The idea is to allow people to imagine their family pictures on the wall or their Victorian-period furniture in what is now your boho abode. It can be neutral, and not be blah.

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