City Creek Center Condos

You could get used to this Historic Downtown Salt Lake City is a cosmopolitan cultural mecca. City Creek Center in the heart of the city features 700,000 feet of mixed use residential, office and retail space. It features three luxury condo towers with an open air shopping mall. The mall offers foliage-lined walkways, a charming … Read more

Let Salt Lake Entertain You

Salt Lake City is home to some thrilling entertainment venues. Whether you’re into music, art, theater, education or sports, you will find the finest quality events along the Wasatch Front. If you’re shopping for Salt Lake City homes for sale, take time to get familiar with the event venues surrounding the neighborhoods in which you … Read more

Home Shopping? Make a Checklist!

Home shopping is an exciting, albeit a potentially stressful activity. To make your experience easier (and a lot more fun) create your own checklist. Build your list electronically or scratch it out on a notebook to carry with you. The checklist will be used to compare the homes you view. It will also force you … Read more

Are Wall Decals Out in 2023?

Wall Decals

Are wall decals out in 2023? Absolutely not! If you are planning to redecorate, wall decals in a modern, contemporary setting can add dimension and style to your home. Wall decals are not just for kids anymore! You can still buy the super hero favorites we’ve all come to love in juvenile rooms, but have … Read more

How to Spot a Utah Loan Scam

Spot a Loan Scam

Why do hard financial times bring scammers out of the woodwork? During an economic lull or crisis, people become vulnerable. We look for signs of hope, quick relief, and a kind heart to share our woes. That is what makes us easy targets. If you own a Utah home and are in fear of having to relinquish it to a mortgage lender, don’t fall victim to one of the many loan scams plaguing Utah homeowners today.