Are Wall Decals Out in 2023?

Are wall decals out in 2023? Absolutely not! If you are planning to redecorate, wall decals in a modern, contemporary setting can add dimension and style to your home.

Wall decals are not just for kids anymore! You can still buy the super hero favorites we’ve all come to love in juvenile rooms, but have you seen the newest styles? published an online article “Top 15 Wall Decals in 2023,” on Jan. 5, 2023. The company boasts 35,211 different wall decal styles available company wide.

They vary in size and come in many different designs. Get kids colored illustrations, photographs, abstract shapes, and more regal art designed for adults.

These are not your toddler’s decals

I sell Utah homes. I have seen the insides of literally hundreds of Utah homes and I like what I’m seeing. Wall decals are great for renters, leasers, and new buyers because:

  • they come in many colors and styles
  • they’re not just for juveniles anymore
  • they’re made to endure
  • they’re easy to remove
  • they’re easy to apply
  • they’re super easy to change
  • they can add a classical, whimsical, elegant or artsy element to any room
  • they are relatively inexpensive

You can actually make a stylish statement with wall decals for about three bucks. Of course, the price range is huge and can go well beyond $100.

Cover an entire wall or cover a tiny corner of a room. As a general rule, bigger and more complex designs are more expensive.

What’s the difference between a decal and vinyl sticker?

Wall decals are usually one color and fairly simple. Looking for something with more detail and colors? Consider vinyl stickers instead.

You can get a great sense of what’s available online. Simply type the words, “wall decals” into a major search engine and shop until you drop. Decorate and redecorate your mind a thousand times before purchasing the decals you need to create your desired effect.

Tips for installing wall decals

Here are a few suggestions to consider before you buy:

  • Don’t paint your room until you buy the decals. Take them to the paint store with you for color matching.
  • New paint should cure for about one month before decals are applied.
  • Only apply decals to clean walls.
  • Watch out for extreme temperatures.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions for an optimal application environment.
  • Wall decals aren’t great for areas with high humidity.

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Article Last Updated: October 26, 2023

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