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City Creek Center Condos

You could get used to this Historic Downtown Salt Lake City is a cosmopolitan cultural mecca. City Creek Center in the heart of the city features 700,000 feet of mixed use residential, office and retail space. It features three luxury condo towers with an open air shopping mall. The mall offers foliage-lined walkways, a charming…

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Let Salt Lake Entertain You

Salt Lake City is home to some thrilling entertainment venues. Whether you’re into music, art, theater, education or sports, you will find the finest quality events along the Wasatch Front. If you’re shopping for Salt Lake City homes for sale, take time to get familiar with the event venues surrounding the neighborhoods in which you…

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Is Heavy Utah Snow Weighing You Down?

Utah enjoys the “greatest snow on earth” unless it’s piled on the rooftop of your Salt Lake home and threatens to bring the walls down.

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10 Tips to Rent Out Your Vacation Home

You work, why shouldn’t your vacation home? It makes solid financial sense to rent your vacation home to tourists and other travelers when you’re not there.

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Home Shopping? Make a Checklist!

Home shopping is an exciting, albeit a potentially stressful activity. To make your experience easier (and a lot more fun) create your own checklist. Build your list electronically or scratch it out on a notebook to carry with you. The checklist will be used to compare the homes you view. It will also force you…

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Are Wall Decals Out in 2023?

Wall Decals

Are wall decals out in 2023? Absolutely not! If you are planning to redecorate, wall decals in a modern, contemporary setting can add dimension and style to your home. Wall decals are not just for kids anymore! You can still buy the super hero favorites we’ve all come to love in juvenile rooms, but have…

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Make Your Move to Salt Lake Valley

Moving day is stressful enough. Plan ahead by making notifications in advance. File a change of address, reach out to delivery services, and more!

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Start Your Home Loan File Now

It’s a whole new year. This is your chance to get it right! Let’s build a home loan file.

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Invest in a Good Home Inspection

Shopping for a new home? Take it from me — you should be shopping for a good home inspector too.

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How to Spot a Utah Loan Scam

Spot a Loan Scam

Why do hard financial times bring scammers out of the woodwork? During an economic lull or crisis, people become vulnerable. We look for signs of hope, quick relief, and a kind heart to share our woes. That is what makes us easy targets. If you own a Utah home and are in fear of having to relinquish it to a mortgage lender, don’t fall victim to one of the many loan scams plaguing Utah homeowners today.

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A woman's hands are tied together with rope to suggest, "My hands are tied."

What is a Short Sale?

Financial distress is a painful, frustrating experience; however, there are ways to mitigate losses and a short sale is one of them.

If you are suffering a financial crisis, or if your home value is less than what you owe, consider a short sale. Learn how this financial tool for homeowners can help.

home for sale in sale lake city

What Can a Buyer’s Agent Do for Me?

Home sellers hire real estate agents to market and sell their properties. If you’re a home buyer, it’s fair to ask, “What should my real estate agent be doing for me as a buyer?” That’s a fair question! Many first-time buyers are unaware of the many services buyers’ agents perform for their clients.

Here’s the great news, the seller pays for both agents. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

Newly listed home in Salt Lake City

What Do Real Estate Agents Do?

Real Estate Agents are the people behind the scenes making your dream of home ownership come true. Their job might seem simple on the surface, but it is anything but.

In short, real estate agents help people buy and sell homes. In most cases, a seller will hire a listing agent, and the buyer will hire a buyer’s agent.

staged bedroom in a home for sale

Help Your Home Put on a Show

When it is time to sell your home, it is also time to neutralize (but we’re sure the green sofa was just made for your new home).

Professional stagers are trained to create stylish spaces using neutral colors in an open environment free of personal treasures. The idea is to allow people to imagine their family pictures on the wall or their Victorian-period furniture in what is now your boho abode. It can be neutral, and not be blah.

Home-buying Process

Home Buying 101: Make Your Move

Once you line up your ducks and address the Ghost of Credit Past, you will be ready to take these steps through the home-buying process.


Home Buying 101: The Ghost of Credit Past Can Haunt You

A good credit score is a valuable asset! Take good care of yours. When you begin the home-buying process, it will matter.

A row of rubber ducks.

Home Buying 101: Line up Your Ducks!

Before you begin the home-buying process, line up your ducks! A good filing system could save time and hassle.


Stop Running from High Mortgage Interest

If you are putting off your new home purchase due to high interest rates, you could be missing out on some serious discounts. Interest rates are temporary. A home purchase is one of the most important investments a person will ever make. If the right home comes along, snag it regardless of the interest rate!

Office supplies and a woman's hand holding a calculator. Words on the picture say, "What you need to know, Capital Gains."

Capital Gains: Timing is Everything

If you’re thinking of buying a home, don’t let high interest rates keep you away. It’s a great time to buy.

Utah State Capitol

Utah’s Power Center, Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City is Utah’s power center. The atmospheric energy in and around the historic Capitol building is simply electric.