Salt Lake City Real Estate Market Report

This market report includes up-to-date information on the Salt Lake City Metro Area courtesy of the WFR-MLS as provided by Joel Carson, Salt Lake City's #1 real estate agent.

Home Sales Overview

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Home Prices, Sales Slid in April

Salt Lake County home prices seemed to be on a downhill slide in April compared to March 2023.

Some potential buyers have put the breaks on fulfilling the American Dream (primarily due to interest rates, but an uncertain global economy plays a part too). That lowers demand and consequently home prices. For years now sellers have enjoyed a rich Utah housing market. Buyers, it's your time to shine.

April 2023 home sales did a deep dive

In April 2022, 1,341 condos, townhomes, twin homes, mobile homes, and single-family homes throughout Salt Lake County sold for a median price of $555,000. In 2023 just 871 homes sold for a median price of $515,000.

Look, home prices are falling in some areas. In other areas, they are actually increasing. If you buy a discounted home (even with a higher rate) you will be ahead in the end. Rates will go down, they always do. Refinance your discounted home and save twice!

Sellers, you might have missed a window of prime pricing, but your home is still worth significantly more than it was five years ago.

Hold on to your hats.

We don't worry too much about a one-month decline in sales or prices, but we do like to keep an eye on market statistics. When we begin to see market trends, it helps us predict the future of real estate in Salt Lake County.

Check out our year-over-year quarterly comparison to look at the longer-term trend.

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Demand for Utah Homes is Down

Home sales in Salt Lake County are down. When demand goes down, supply goes up. That means more options for home shoppers and in some cases, serious discounts.

First Quarter home sales totaled 3,258 in the county in 2022. This year, 2,461 were sold in Q1. That's nearly a 28 percent decrease.

The market is balancing out, that's a normal, natural, and healthy process. If you have real estate questions, let me be your answer man. Call or text 801-673-3333.


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Median Salt Lake County Listing Age

April 2023 House Days on Market

Real estate professionals monitor the median age of listings (and many other factors) because it is an indication of the housing market's health, and level of activity. To calculate the median age, consider the lowest number of days (1) and highest number of days (100+) it took for a listing to sell. Next, find the number exactly in the middle. That is the median number.

Additional Salt Lake City Market Updates

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Salt Lake Housing Market Hot

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