Home Buying Process

Should I Finance 100% of My Home Value?

What is a zero-down payment mortgage? Buying a home with no down payment sounds pretty nice right about now, huh? Well, it can be; then again, 100 percent mortgage financing can be problematic under the wrong circumstances. This blog is intended to help you make an informed decision with the … Read more

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What is an Interest Rate Buydown?

High mortgage rates increase buydowns Mortgage rates are dynamic. They constantly change with a set of circumstances that fluctuate regularly. Many factors are beyond your control, but you can directly influence others. An interest rate buy down is one loan product that allows you to reduce your mortgage rate permanently … Read more

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How Much are Closing Costs in Utah?

Are you ready to buy your new home? Most first-time homebuyers wonder, “How much are closing costs in Utah?” That’s a great question, Truth in Lending requires your lender to give you a detailed answer. The Truth in Lending Act (TILA) is a federal law in the United States designed … Read more

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Grow Wealth: Buy a Salt Lake City Duplex!

Building wealth takes time, planning, investment, and a ton of work. One way to build wealth is to invest in real estate. Right about now, some people are groaning sarcastically, “Oh, yeah with all the thousands I have just lying around, right?” It’s true that some types of real estate … Read more

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Home Shopping? Make a Checklist!

Home shopping is an exciting, albeit potentially stressful activity. To make your experience easier (and a lot more fun) create your own checklist. Build your list electronically or scratch it out on a notebook to carry with you. The checklist will be used to compare the homes you view. It … Read more

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How to Spot a Utah Loan Scam

Spot a Loan Scam

Why do hard financial times bring scammers out of the woodwork? During an economic lull or crisis, people become vulnerable. We look for signs of hope, quick relief, and a kind heart to share our woes. That is what makes us easy targets. If you own a Utah home and are in fear of having to relinquish it to a mortgage lender, don’t fall victim to one of the many loan scams plaguing Utah homeowners today.

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What Can a Buyer’s Agent Do for Me?

home for sale in sale lake city

Home sellers hire real estate agents to market and sell their properties. If you’re a home buyer, it’s fair to ask, “What should my real estate agent be doing for me as a buyer?” That’s a fair question! Many first-time buyers are unaware of the many services buyers’ agents perform for their clients.

Here’s the great news, the seller pays for both agents. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

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What Do Real Estate Agents Do?

Real Estate Agents are the people behind the scenes making your dream of home ownership come true. Their job might seem simple on the surface, but it is anything but.

In short, real estate agents help people buy and sell homes. In most cases, a seller will hire a listing agent, and the buyer will hire a buyer’s agent.

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