Glendale, Salt Lake City – A Locals’ Guide

Where is Glendale, Salt Lake City?

Looking for an artsy, diverse culture with colorful events and activities year-round? You just might be looking for Salt Lake City’s Glendale. Its multicultural, welcoming atmosphere creates the perfect environment for a tight-knit community. Neighbors help neighbors. They share ethnic recipes and food, art, games, and activities designed to bring people together (and to teach them).

The Glendale Neighborhood is in southwestern Salt Lake City. Don’t confuse it with the small town (also called Glendale) in Kane County, Utah. The eastern boundary of the neighborhood is Interstate 15. The 9-Line Trail is the north boundary. The south and West portions of Glendale are also the Salt Lake City limits.

The west side of Salt Lake City (west of Interstate 15) is a hip, eclectic community with local shops, some beautiful green spaces, and lower home prices than those in the heart of Downtown.

A strong sense of community is palpable in Glendale. People rally around their neighbors in times of need and in times of celebration. It’s a great place to witness that famous Utah spirit of volunteerism.

Affordability, proximity to Downtown make a great location

Home prices tend to be lower in the outskirts of Downtown Salt Lake City. Property on the west side of Interstate 15 traditionally sells for a little less than property downtown and on the east bench. Some people predict that is about to change. The west side is getting noticed. Local art, community events, and education with an ethnic flare are desirable qualities in a community.

Glendale, Salt Lake City is not the most walkable community in the valley ( ranks it 14th among Salt Lake neighborhoods with a score of 52/100). That means some residents can accomplish some errands within walking distance of their homes. There are a few local grocery stores, eateries, and professional offices that are easy to reach, and Glendale’s beautiful parks make it an excellent place to exercise.

The website gives it a score of 82/100 for bikeability. Some bike commuters live in the neighborhood and most areas of Glendale make it easy, safe, and convenient for bike riders to co-exist in the community.

Downtown Salt Lake City is just minutes away and the neighborhood features two Utah Transit Authority (UTA) bus lines. Other nearby neighborhoods include the following: Poplar Grove, Jordan Meadows, FairparkWestpointe, and Rose Park.

It really IS easy being green!

Many Salt Lake City residents are outdoor enthusiasts. That’s likely because some of the best year-round recreational opportunities in the country are within minutes of the city. People who love Nature take their green space seriously. Glendale Park, and the Glendale Regional Park expansion offer space for runners, walkers, bikers, and ballplayers. There are playgrounds and pavilions, picnic tables, and more on over 30 thrilling acres.

In March 2023, the Salt Lake Council approved the Glendale Regional Park Plan. It offers vision and design for the future park at the site of the former Raging Waters/Twin Peaks water park.


Following are proposed improvements to an area that once featured a water park. The park was very popular, but it is now defunct and decaying. With the help of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, some major changes are in the works. Following is a list of improvements as described by the Glendale Regional Park Master Plan:

  • playgrounds
  • restrooms
  • a bike polo court
  • softball fields
  • volleyball courts
  • drinking fountains
  • pavilions
  • a skate park
  • horseshoe pits/courts

17th South River Park, 1150 W 1700 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84104, offers lush green space with riverfront views. There you will also find a playground, restrooms, multi-purpose fields, and a drinking fountain.

There are a total of 10 parks in the Glendale neighborhood. Following is a list of those parks:

  • 17th South River Park
  • Bend-In-The-River
  • Glendale Circle
  • Glendale Park
  • International Peace Gardens
  • Jordan Park
  • Jordan River Parkway
  • Modesto Park
  • Nelli Jack Park
  • Weseman Park

Play a round at Glendale Golf Course

Glendale Golf Course is a popular spot for experienced golfers and beginners. This 18-hole public course offers a challenging yet accessible place to enjoy the game. With scenic views of the Wasatch Mountains and well-maintained fairways, it’s a pleasant setting. The course provides affordable rates and rental options for golf carts and clubs. Whether you’re honing your skills or simply enjoying a day outdoors, Glendale Golf Course welcomes all, making it a fantastic choice for a day on the greens in Salt Lake City.

Unity is a priority in Glendale

The Sorenson Unity Center, 1383 S 900 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84104 is a vibrant hub of community and culture. This multipurpose facility is designed to foster unity and inclusivity. It hosts events, classes, and resources that cater to diverse interests and age groups. The center boasts a library, gymnasium, fitness center, and meeting spaces. It’s also home to cultural and art programs. By promoting education, recreation, and cultural understanding, the Sorenson Unity Center plays a pivotal role in strengthening the bonds of the Glendale community.

Public art installations attract creatives

Meet BeanCheleen the steel trout

Public art is wildly popular in Glendale! Many of the large, colorful public art projects are included in an initiative launched by the Salt Lake City Arts Council.

One popular piece is called, Jordan River Current by Colette Hosmer. Placed in 2023, the display features 25 eight-foot-tall steel trout sculptures as part of this multi-site project aimed at connecting recreational users of this natural tributary with their environment,” according to a statement published online by the Salt Lake Public Arts Council. One of those sites is Glendale Park, 1100 W 1700 S Salt Lake City, UT 84104. The endeavor required the installation of giant trout at four different boat ramps on the Jordan River Trail.

“Across all four sites, one fish in each cluster is painted in a different color than the rest visually linking all locations across the river and functioning as a wayfinding element and marking for each ramp,” the website says. The project was created in partnership with Edison Elementary School in Poplar Grove. The school’s 4th-grade students helped name all four colored fish within this installation. The blue fish at Glendale Park is named BeanCheleen.

Gathering Blocks color Glendale’s world

The Salt Lake Arts Council Gathering Blocks projects can be spotted throughout the city! The idea is to bring art to public spaces. They include cool sculptures, colorful murals, and interactive installations to neighborhoods in Salt Lake City. These art pieces make the city more interesting and fun. They’re like big, outdoor art galleries that everyone can enjoy. The projects also help local artists display their talents. So, when you’re out and about in Salt Lake City, look for these cool art pieces – they’ll brighten your day and inspire creativity in your neighborhood.

Glendale Gather Blocks was created by an artist-led team including Chuck Landvatter, Jared Steffensen, and J. Dayton Crites. The sculptures are each designed differently for hands-on activities. Children can climb on them. They can be used for picnic tables or simple seating. They help bring an optimistic feeling to public spaces and encourage unity.

What makes the Glendale project near and dear to locals’ hearts are the many murals included in the designs. Many include portraits of Glendale individuals. Chuck Landvatter told the Salt Lake City Arts Council the murals feature stalwart community members who have each made unique contributions to society.

The blocks can be seen (because they’re really big and colorful) at 1375 W. 1700 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84104.

To learn more about public art in Salt Lake City, visit

Glendale Gardens preceded current neighborhood

Glendale falls within Salt Lake City’s Westside Council District 2. The district includes Fairpark, Glendale, Poplar Grove, and Downtown. The district’s website says, “The Glendale neighborhood is a cultural crossroads in Salt Lake City. The ethnically diverse neighborhood was originally developed as the Glendale Gardens housing project, built to accommodate a large influx of families moving to Utah for the World War II effort.”

In the 1890s, the area we now know as Glendale was an industrial community. Following are some of the types of businesses that settled there:

  • biscuit factory
  • brewery
  • brickyard
  • salt works
  • soup factory

The 20th Century brought railroad tracks that physically bisected Salt Lake City. The area was isolated. Eventually, the divide developed into a chasm between socioeconomic classes. The residential areas became working-class neighborhoods. The area lacked infrastructure.

Revitalization efforts have turned the area into one of strength and unity flavored and brilliantly colored by diversity. The Glendale Community Council helps make sure changes reflect the desires of community members. The body is made up of elected officials chosen to represent residents. This hip area is moving into the city’s spotlight as art connoisseurs find joy in its grassroots growth.

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